Car Price SecretsAs a “Former Dealer For The Dealers”, A Digital Mark™ is on a mission to make every car dealership aware that CARS.COM owns a DEALER BASHING WEBSITE, Car Price Secrets ( They spend thousands and thousands of dollars in paid search every month to conquest the dealership’s in-market shoppers.  I just don’t understand how can justify bashing their own clients – the dealers!  Cars spends some of the profits they make from car dealers on paid advertisements for this anti-dealer website.  Car Price Secrets slogan is “The Secrets to Your Lowest Possible Price on a New Car”.  Wow, and dealers get a bad rap??

This is an Anti-Dealer website that prides itself on informing the shopper to walk into dealerships with bad information and negotiate their lowest possible price.  They call doc fees questionable and state they are not normally over $50 (source via page 9 of their guide). It also basically divulges everything about holdback, dealer cash, finance reserve, dealer incentives, etc.  Car Price Secrets (CPS) will provide the consumer with a 15 page PDF called the Top 7 Car Buying Secrets to negotiate your lowest possible price. CPS is just fueling automotive consumer’s distrust. I encourage dealers to go to this website and shop for your new car make in your zip code.

I have tested these leads with Chevrolet, Hyundai, Volkswagen and Chrysler.  They all will hit the dealership’s CRM as a OEM new car lead. GM will show up as a GM-3rd Party lead, Hyundai will show up as a Trilogy lead and VW will show up as a VW-New Car lead.  Do the OEMs’ understand that these leads are being generated from sites like this and then blindly sold back to the dealerships? Or do the OEMs think they are just farming out leads?

Examples Of Car Price Secrets Bashing Dealers

For example, shop for a Chevrolet Silverado thru Car Price Secrets, it will give you the lowest possible price on the vehicle AND shotgun the lead out to multiple dealers.  That lead will come in to the dealership as a GM-3rd Party lead. The dealer will be charged for the lead and the dealer assumes it was generated thru the OEM’s Chevrolet website. The same happens for most other OEMs. Why would the OEMs want to associate themselves with a company like this.

Another example, go to You will be redirected to Car Price Secrets. Guess who owns that domain name? Correct, As a former dealer, I am very disappointed and I am determined to get the message out to dealers.

Dealers are paying for Blindly, dealers are paying for this Anti-Dealer website thru the OEM’s 3rd party leads. If you would like the 15 page Car Price Secrets playbook, please email me at

Source of’s ownership of Car Price Secrets via U.S. Trademark Serial#: 78422324. Source of’s ownership of domain via ICANN WHOIS.